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Battlelore – Doombound – Finish Viking, Folk & Epic #Metal

Battlelore is a Finish Viking, Folk & Epic metal founded in 1999, All of Battlelore’s lyrics concern J. R. R. Tolkien‘s Middle-earth.

In 2010, after over 10 years of making music together, Battlelore concentrated on making new songs for the upcoming album, “Doombound”. Besides a visit to Ibiza with Hard Rock Hell Road Trip, they decided to stay in Finland and make this the best album so far. Concentrating on the new songs and the new album proved to be great choices as in the studio, June-July 2010, the songs turned out to be more versatile and bombastic, more dynamic and epic, atmospheric, fun and serious, and free of old habits – and still they sounded like Battlelore.  Sound Supreme Studios and producer Janne Saksa were the perfect pair for Battlelore to spread their wings and try different approaches to song writing, as Janne’s excellent ear and feel for details made Battlelore do their best and concentrate on all aspects of the songs. A talented young cellist, Markus Vuoristo, visited Battlelore in the studio and played the cello for two songs, thus giving the songs the perfect finishing touches and complementing all the other instruments and vocals.  Dan Swanö, the legendary metal god, played a guitar solo on one of the songs and did the mixing for Battlelore again, and gave the songs and sounds the perfect final touch to make this the greatest album in Battlelore history. As the first and so far only concept album, telling the story of Tolkien’s tragic hero Túrin Turambar and his kin, this album takes Battlelore to a completely new level of song writing. The songs do not bow down to anyone – this is who we are and what you get. Included in “Doombound” limited edition digipack is “10 years of Battlelore” bonus DVD featuring two incredible live shows from Nosturi, Finland, tour videos from Europe and Finland, a huge photo gallery and all of Battlelore’s music videos.



Studio albums

 Promo albums

  • Warrior’s Tale (1999)
  • Dark Fantasy (2000)




~ Kaisa Jouhki – Vocals
~ Tomi Mykkänen – Vocals
~ Jussi Rautio – Lead guitars
~ Jyri Vahvanen – Guitars
~ Timo Honkanen – Bass
~ Maria Honkanen – Keyboards, Flute
~ Henri Vahvanen – Drums



Lacrimae – Mexican Metal Band – Suggested by @tazmanicous

LACRIMAE’s born on a cold tenth month night anno 1995 after Mortis Causa disintegration. Magoz (guitars) and Anwar (keyboards) wish to continue their search for eternal and obscure matters and in complicity with Pawel (bass) gave birth to LACRIMAE. In the process, drummer Enrique (former Gagola band member) and Nix (howls) join the band in the definition of their idiosyncrasyc sound, strongly influenced by occultism and humanistic flowing. After a period of concerts in the band’s home town and other cities in south of Mexico, besides recording a first demo tape (LACRIMAE), Enrique decides to go another way and his place is take it by Black (former Aura Violeta and Mitnal’s band member). In 1998 the band line is solidificate due to enter of the last deranged member (Glassmoon, guitars) who provides some cold precision in Lacrimae’s performance. In 1998 LACRIMAE records it first official demo tape on independent label. Demo’s title “A Sad Dream” reflects the band morbid tribute to the anemic situation of them selves. The demo tape gets good reviews on underground zines through all Mexico and stimulates the band to return into the studio in 1999’s fifth month and record their debut album titled ” Uncommon Sense of Divinity” which includes nine tracks that defies world-wide spiritual dogmas and polish the band’s music and lyrics.   

In year 2000 they start a series of concerts after going through some changes in the band’s line, with the departure of Pawel and Glassmoon and entering of J.L. on bass. The series of concerts reach it zenith on Mexico City with prestigious Brutal Fest appearance, which also includes the cities of Guadalajara and Queretaro. After more movement in the band’s alignment (Pawel back on bass and Sanguino in Magoz’s place) LACRIMAE shows in Brutal Fest 2001 and close the year with recording of new album “Course to Arsoning” which sees the light on 2002 under the label “American Line Productions”. With new album and a much powerful sound, Nix, A.G., Pawel, Black, and Sanguino start their 2002 “Drugathon” tour, which seizes the cities of Merida, Cancun, Mexico, Morelia, Salamanca, Barcelona and Wermelskirschen (Germany). At the present time, LACRIMAE has grown from a matter less yuppie death metal band to a contraculturistic non profit organization, involve in anti catholic propaganda and communication of Pro substances abuse ideology*, positivism, mythology and more…Nevertheless, entrance to studio recordings is not yet schedule but eight new tracks are ready to blow your fucking brain off, along with a new improved “Uncommon Sense Of Divinity”. *The band wants to notice that Pro substances abuse ideology refers to a systematic and rational procedure for consciousness phenomena experimentation.

Visit their websites in:

Soul Eater – Mexican Metal Band – suggested by @MarianaDroogie

Blasphemic, cross crushing and devastating thrash form Mexico, fueled by anti-core and satanic themes. SOUL EATER born in January of 2008 with the intention of bringing back the true spirit of metal in the region, starting with ANGEL DAMIAN SILVA at drums, JOEL SILVA at vocals and guitar, HECTOR SOBREYRA at bass and later on NORMAND VENEGAS aslo at guitar. At the end of that year SOUL EATER record their first demo tape called “ANTI CORE SQUAD” making a proud statement of hate for those who take metal as a trend.

After some gigs with important bands of the scene SOUL EATER recorded their full lenght called “SATANIC DISCHARGE” and brought it to life in October of 2009, so buy it and support the scene!! Visit their MySpace at

History of Power Metal! #metal

History of Power Metal.

Power metal mixes traditional heavy metal with thrash, speed and symphonic elements. European bands like Helloween and Gamma Ray started the power metal movement in the late ‘80s, with the genre exploding in the ‘90s with Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, and Stratovarius leading the way for future power metal bands. The main sound of the genre hasn’t changed much, with the vocals still soaring high and the guitar solos flying free. Nowadays, bands like Dragonforce and Theocracy are keeping power metal strong, engaging a new generation of metalheads.

Musical Style:

Most guitar work in power metal is played at a fast speed, with thrash-like riffing and wild solos that can go on for an extended period of time. The bassist usually just stays with the rhythm guitarist. The drummer relies heavily on double bass work, adding in some complex fills and cymbal work as well. The keyboard work ranges from band to band, with some bands using the keys for simple melodies, while others create an orchestration effect for the music.

Vocal Style:

Vocalists sing in a high register, quite similar to Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, and Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford. Their range is usually wide, with high notes being the norm.

Power Metal Pioneers:


In 1987, the two-part epic concept album Keeper Of The Seven Keys put the German power metal band on the map. Both of these albums are really where the birth of power metal began. Taking NWOBHM and adding melodic elements to the sound is what led to Helloween’s early success, and the forward momentum of the power metal genre as a whole.

Blind Guardian

While forming around the same time as Helloween, it wouldn’t be until later releases where the band’s full potential would be unleashed. While they did play power metal in the early days, Blind Guardian tended to lean towards speed metal on 1988’s Battalions Of Fear and 1989’s Follow The Blind.

Gamma Ray

When Helloween guitarist and songwriter Kai Hansen left the band in 1988, he formed his own project, Gamma Ray. Hansen kept to his power metal roots in his new band, with Gamma Ray eventually becoming an underground hit for fans of the genre. The band is best known for their epic 1995 album Land Of The Free.

Recommended Power Metal Albums:

Helloween – Keeper Of The Seven Keys

Stratovarius – Dreamspace

Crimson Glory – Transcendence

Gamma Ray – Land Of The Free

Blind Guardian – Nightfall In Middle-Earth

Hammerfall – Glory To The Brave

Iced Earth – Horror Show

Dragonforce – Valley Of The Damned

Theocracy – Theocracy

Primal Fear – Jaws Of Death


@Katatonia in Mexico @CircoVolador 20/Feb/2011

Katatonia formed in 1991 in Stockholm, Sweden and was brought together by long time friends, Anders Nyström (aka Blakkheim) and Jonas Renkse (aka Lord Seth) is a dark rock band. Will be playing in Mexico City @ El Circo Volador, Check out their webpage:

Nightwish Imaginarium

Finnish Band Nightwish announce the name of their next album. Seems to be that IMAGINARIUM will be the name of the 7th album of the band.  The album goes thru a story about an old man that he thinks still a boy. Director Stobe Harju that produced “The Islander” video will be the one to put Thuomas Holopanien songs in a movie that will the same name of the album, will be released in 2012.

Members of the band said that this up coming album is heavier than 2007 “Dark Passion Play”, even they say that has really powerful symphonic marches based on tribal songs. The truth is that once again Nightwish is making something interesting and different. So lets wait and see what Nightwish prepare the last 4 years. We´re sure that we won´t be disappointed. And of course lets wait for the Imaginarium World Tour.

Delain & Serenity European Tour

Dutch band singer Charlotte Wessels appears on Serenity´s last album “Death and Legacy”, both bands are joining toghether a European Tour,  and hope to see this tour soon in Mexico and Latin America!

More 70000 Tons of Metal Cruise videos!

Here are a couple more 70000 Tons of Metal Cruise videos!

@SimoneSimons share in twitter,  a little video of what happened all the way thru in the whole trip, nice video Simone thanks!

The other video @Syriax share via @Metal4bremen in twitter, for this magnificent German band RAGE, playing the AC/DC classic Highway to Hell, in the middle of the sea. Great show! Great jamming!

Helloween/Stratovarius @ Mexico City April 16, 2011

The 7 Sinners World Tour comes to Mexico. Helloween,  this legendary power metal band from Germany visit Mexico City on the 16th of April, and if it  is not enough metal for you, they are coming with Stratovarius, the legendary Finnish band presenting their new album Elysium.

Two mythic giants of the speed and power metal, toghether in the biggest city. So if you are in Mexico City on April 16th, the place to be is at Circo Volador. Get your tickets and recieve a double shot of high quality European Metal!

Mötley Crue in Mexico @ their 30th. Anniversary special promo


Mötley Crüe Announce Three Shows in Mexico!

Hey Crüe Fans,

Mötley Crüe is bringing the rawk to Mexico for three shows in May and we’ve got all the dirt on how you can get your hands on some great tickets.

Beginning tomororow Saturday, February 12th at 11am local venue time, Mötley Crüe Fan Club members will have access to an exclusive on-sale for the show. We’re holding great seats for the fan club so get ’em before the window closes on Monday, February 14th at 8pm.

Check out the dates and venues below:

May 24, 2011 – Mexico City – Palacio de los Deportes (The Sports Palace)
May 26, 2011 – Monterrey – Teatro Banamex (Banamex Theatre)
May 27, 2011 – Guadalajara – Arena VFG

If you want in on the presale action, along with a killer Theatre of Pain shirt based on the classic 85-86 tour, join the Mötley Crüe S.I.N. Fan Club. Stay up on all the band’s activities, get special access to tickets, the exclusive fan club gift, discounts in the official store and more!

Jöin töday. Röck tömörröw.