Mötley Crüe – You pick the setlist for 2011 tour

Con Motley Crue, tu puedes elegir el setlist de la gira de verano 2011, Motley Crue se presentará en México:24 de Mayo –  Ciudad de México – Palacio de los Deportes25 de Mayo – Guadalajara – Arena VFG27 de Mayo – Monterrey – Teatro Banamex
Dear Crüe Fans

This year we want to put the setlist in your hands. Click on the link below and vote for your favorite 15 songs to be heard on this summer’s tour.

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See you on the road,
Vince, Mick, Tommy, Nikki



@MetalMexico interview with Timo Kotipelto from Stratovarius @Circovolador 16-April-2011

En la última visita de Stratovaruis a México junto con Helloween durante la gira Elysium – 7 Sinners el 16 de Abril 2011,  Timo Kotipelto vocalista de la banda Finlandesa de Power Metal Stratovarius otorgó una entrevista a Metal Mexico y hablaron sobre lo bien que se siente volver a estar en México y lo “ruidoso” que es el publico Mexicano.

También habla nos compartió sobre la música que escucha cuando se encuentra de gira, comentando que prefiere escuchar música que no aparte su concentración de la música de Stratovaruis, de vuelta en casa nos comentó que le gusta escuchar clásicos como Iron Maiden.

Hablamos sobre la cancelación de Stratovaruis en el crucero metalero 70,000 Tons of Metal 2011, para lo que contesto “No puedo hablar por el momento de este tema, pero si saben leer entre lineas, tenemos planes para el 2012”

Aquí el video de la entrevista….


Kamelot Concert Setlists | setlist.fm

Kamelot Concert Setlists | setlist.fm.

@MetalMexico T-SHIRT CONTEST Winners!!

Muchas gracias por participar en el concurso de playeras de Metal Mexico, los ganadores son Daniel Guerrero y Jorge Gónzalez !!! Con quienes nos pondremos en contacto para entregarles su premio!!

REVAMP en Mexico el 18 de Junio @CircoVolador @Floorevamp

Bandfoto B



Singer Floor Jansen needs no further introduction after 12 years of loyal service with After Forever. After the break of this band she knew she wanted to continue making metal! To accomplish this she joined forces with two additional songwriters to first compose, then record an album. The live band was formed after completion of the album!

The first composer to join this new collaboration was soon found in Waldemar Sorychta (Grip Inc, Enemy Of The Sun, ao). The second composer is After Forever colleague Joost van den Broek. The ReVamp sound has become a unique blend of the personal style we recognize from these musicians.

Floor’s voice is already known for its wide range and variety. In ReVamp she shows the world she can do even more! From opera to raw screams; from rock to a light and almost whispered sound. She knows how to ‘master the cords’ and takes you along with her on a wild ride throughout the album!

The word ‘revamp’ literally means: to renovate, redo or revise. For Floor it got the symbolic meaning that this band puts new energy into her career as a singer, a next step but at the same time a continuation of her dream. The word ‘vamp’ indicates, with a wink, ‘woman’. No vampires or slutty types, just a strong lady in charge of her passion.

The music is heavier than some of you might expect. Bombastic; but with heavy riffing. Complex and pounding drums mixed with melancholic strings. Crazy synth-sounds mixed with a beautiful choir. A wall of sound, yet transparent and versatile. And to finish this cake with a fine icing 3 special guests made this album extra special! Russell Allen (Symphony X) sings a beautiful duet with Floor. The fact their voices mix perfect together was proven before and on the song Sweet Curse they show ones again they are a magical duo.

Björn ‘Speed’ Strid (Soilwork) brings in power on a different level on the song ‘Disdain’. His raw screams make this song the heaviest on the album and create a nice ‘battle of the titans’ with Floor. On Here’s My Hell you’ll hear Dutch master grunter George Oosthoek (ex-Orphanage). The variety of these guests make the album extra interesting from the first note off to very last.

The (live)band was completed early 2010. The band now consists of: Matthias Landes on drums, Jaap Melman on bass, Jord Otto on guitar, Arjan Rijnen on guitar and Ruben Wijga on keyboard. 

The self-titled album has 13 tracks and presents a new dimension in the female fronted metalscene. It was released in June 2010 (Europe) and July 2010 (US) through Nuclear Blast.

@MetalMexico T-Shirt Contest!! Design our official T Shirt and win!

A todos los interesados en participar en diseñar nuestra playera, aquí las bases: 

– En un formato similar al anexo, mandar la propuesta en playera blanca y/o negra en ambos lados, (Send your design in a template as showm below in a white or black T Shirt in both sides)

– Deberá contener el logo de Metal Mexico en cualquier forma o color,  (Should include the Metal Mexico logo in any color or shape)

– Deberá contener la página web metal-mexico.com (Should include the webpage)

– Puedes madar tu diseño a partir de hoy 02 de Abril  hasta el Jueves 7 de Abril. You can send your design starting today until April 7th

– Al ganador se le van a depositar $400.00 pesos a su cuenta y se le mandará una playera ya impresa, (To the winner we will wire 400.00 pesos or similar in USD and we will send a TShirt)

– El diseño puede contener tu sello o firma, (The design can have your firm or signature)

– Manda el formato en .jpg o Photoshop  a metal.mexico@ymail.com (Send the design in .jpg or Photoshop to metal.mexico@ymail.com, si tienes alguna duda escribenos!!



Krux – Doom #Metal from Swedish – Popocatepetl video and lyrics

Hey guys I found this metal from Swedish named KRUX, They catched my attention with this song Popocatepetl, which is a volcano in Mexico.

In the eye in the heart in the flesh
In my mind all the time
Silver fountains golden castles made of ashes
Crimson tide blood like wine

Earth mother birth goddess
I love you like no other
Within you around you
A stream of fire inside you
Earth mother birth goddess
I love you like no other
Within you around you
I can’t exist without you

Dream forever prince of nowhere man of shade
I cast my fire where I go
Tears and treason in my prison night and day
You destroyer of my soul

Earth mother birth godess
I love you like no other
Within you around you
A stream of fire inside you
Earth mother birth goddess
I love you like no other
Within you around you
I can’t exist without you

Earth mother birth godess
I love you like no other
Within you around you
A stream of fire inside you
Earth mother birth goddess
I love you like no other
Within you around you
I can’t exist without you
Earth mother birth godess
I love you like no other
Within you around you
A stream of fire inside you
Earth mother birth goddess
I love you like no other
Within you around you
I can’t exist without you

// http://www.kruxdoom.se/

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Metalheads….answer this poll and suscribe to our blog. Your feedback is very helpful to improve… we love METAL!!!

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@SonataArctica – Power metal band from Finland

Rock Pod Kamenom (Slovakia) has been confirmed. Sonata Arctica will play there on August 12th. For more information visit: www.rockpodkamenom.sk


The Days of Grays, 2009

Silence Re-issue, 2008

Ecliptica Re-issue, 2008

Unia, 2007

For The Sake Of Revenge, 2006

Reckoning Night, 2004

Winterheart’s Guild, 2003

Songs of Silence, 2002

Silence, 2001

Ecliptica, 1999


@Iratetion – #metal from Venezuela


Being driven towards creating their own music,the Millano brothers did just that. Brothers Ismael and Ghork started writing for a project that didn’t have a name at the time. While one brother was living in Venezuela and the other in New Jersey,the desire of writing became reality. They began to create music in a way many musicians do these days with the help of sending files to each other over the internet.

Ismael handled duties of guitars/bass/vocals so they could be layered over Ghork’s drum recordings that were sent fron Venezuela. Later on,an old friend from Venezuela named Eduardo Escalante joined in on the project to handle bass duties. Not long afterward,the project was soon to be named Iratetion.

The recording sessions took place with Christian Machado and Laz Pina of Ill Nino at Soundwars Studios in New Jersey. Six songs have been recorded for a debut ep titled Motionless Decay. These song titles are Cold Refuge,Dazing Truth,Motionless Decay,Drill The Veins,Point Blank Rhetoric and Path To Hatred. 2011 will see a release of the Motionless Decay ep.
The current 2011 line-up is Ismael Millano,Ghork,Marcos Medina and Luis Acevedo

Hear more in http://www.reverbnation.com/Iratetion